Sunday Hill Park
Sunday Hill Trail and Lookout – a natural traditional walking path for Sunday walks and the location of one of Labrador's early warning transmitters. There are 10 kilometres of walking trails from the beach that loop back to the Interpretation Centre with benches placed along the trail. The trails wind through and around the town for a view of local landmarks and natural attractions. This site is also an area of historic significance since the discovery of artifacts 4,000 to 5,000 years old.

Sunday Hill offers an unforgettable experience of Labrador's pristine landscape: to the west, Grand Lake, where the Hubbard Expedition took place; to the east, Lake Melville. Mount Mokami and the magnificent Mealy Mountains provide breathtaking views especially at sunrise or sunset.
Lester Burry Park (larger version)
Lester Burry Park
Located on the River Front area along North West River, the Trapper's Monument and Statue represents a long term commitment to establish a memorial to the trappers of the region, whose lifestyle survived for over two hundred years -- from 1725 to 1950. For generations, trapping was a main income and a way of life for many people and the Trapper's Monument represents a common history for all Labradorians.

This heritage area is where the trappers actually began their long journeys into the country, leaving wives and children for months on end. At the base of the monument the names of trappers in the area are recorded.
Labrador Interpretation Centre
At the Labrador Interpretation Centre, you'll discover the founding peoples of Labrador –- the Innu, Inuit, Metis and Settlers. In the permanent exhibition The Past is Where We Come From, you'll hear the voices and see works of art and artifacts from each of our cultures. You'll also explore our ancient Aboriginal history and see how we live our lives today. The exhibition is presented in Inuktitut, Innu-aimun and English. For more information visit the Labrador Interpretation Centre website.
Beach, Boating & Berries
The River is a great location to kayak and canoe. Families with kids and coolers love to go to the beach for swimming and picnics.

Local berries are a real treat and you may pick your own for an authentic Labrador experience. Many visitors have an interest in local plants and Isobel Watts, a resident of North West River has produced a brochure of local wildflowers and berries to help visitors identify them along the trails. A copy of this brochure can be obtained from from the Visitor Information Centre.
Local Cemetery
This site has been identified as a local historical site. Many visitors to the town have an interest in the local cemetery. This cemetery operated from 1851–1991. The first European settler gravesite is located here.
Labrador Military Museum, Goose Bay
This small museum, located at 5 Wing Goose Bay, features items from the Canadian, American, Dutch, German, and British Air Forces. Flying suits, radar scopes, and other military items are on display. Location: Banshee Blvd., Building 381. Telephone: (709) 896-6900 ext. 2177

Military artifacts from the Labrador Heritage Museum collection have been given to the Labrador Military Museum. The Labrador Heritage Museum has an authentic Red Baron medal which it plans to donate to the Military Museum.
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